Our mission

Our mission is to put the client at the centre of our concerns, be local or international customer, private or public, or representing industries such as watchmaking, machine manufacture, construction, services, health and institutions of public law or welfare.



  • Limited statutory examination and ordinary audit according to the Swiss Code of Obligations
  • Audit of consolidated financial statements
  • Audit of pension funds
  • Audit of public institutions and governments
  • Audit of other legal entities (e.g. associations, foundations)
  • Controls carried out under special laws
  • Legal expertise

Tax services

  • Tax returns
  • Appearances
  • Direct and indirect taxes

Business consulting

  • Preparation of financial statements (consolidated)
  • Conversion of financial statements (Swiss Code of Obligations, Swiss GAAP FER, IFRS, IFRS for Small and Medium Enterprises)
  • Financial analysis
  • Dashboards
  • Risk assessment
  • Internal control system
  • Business/company evaluation
  • Restructuring and transformation
  • Business plan

Business network

Other services

  • Accounting (financial, general, payroll, analytical)
  • Management control
  • Insurances of objects and individuals
  • Advice on pension schemes
  • Advice on real estate investment
  • Tax studies and negotiations
  • Domiciling
  • Succession
  • Coaching