Claude Burgdorfer

As a partner and founder Claude brings to the table technical skills and competences acquired within"Big-4" companies over the past three decades, being in charge of a regional office in the last assignment.

Thibault Girardin

As a partner since April 1st, 2019, Thibault brings ten years of fiduciary experience, five of which being within a "Big-4 company".

Lucie Vuillemin

As a senior since April 1st, 2019, Lucie holds a Master Degree in Law and Tax and has a few years of experience in fiduciary.

Thibaut Franchini

Manager and holder of a Master Degree in Accounting, Control and Finance from the HEC Lausanne, Thibaut also gathered several years of experience in the fields of auditing and business consulting.

Cyril Borioli

Assistant and holder of a Master Degree in Accounting and Finance, Cyril joins the team as a recent graduate with the aim of gaining experience in the field.

Our clients



  • Individuals
  • One-person company
  • Simple partnership
  • Partnership
  • Limited partnership
  • Inheritance
  • Consortium


Capital company

  • Limited partnership on shares
  • Limited liability company
  • Limited Company
  • Group of companies

Other entities

  • Association
  • Foundation
  • Cooperative corporation
  • Public-law entity
  • Union
  • Commune